Results for Advanced Cardiac Life Support Trainings


The name of candidates who has been successfully passed their Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training from June, 2020 to September, 2020.

Sr. Candidate Name Passing Date
1. Mr Bilal Ahmed 12th Jul
2. Dr Bushra Ali Khan 12th Jul
3. Dr Daman e Zehra 12th Jul
4. Dr Farwa Tariq 12th Jul
5. Dr Fatima Mukhtar 12th Jul
6. Ms Hina Tariq 12th Jul
7. Ms Javeria 12th Jul
8. Dr Mehwish Allah Yar 12th Jul
9. Dr Muqaddus Zahra Sherazi 12th Jul
10. Mr Saeed Anwar 12th Jul
11. Ms Sanam 12th Jul
12. Ms Sobia Bibi 12th Jul
13. Mr Waheed Ullah 12th Jul
14. Dr Wardah Sajjad 12th Jul
15. Ms Hina Gull 12th Jul
Sr. Candidate Name Passing Date
1. Ms Abia Ejaz 26th Jul
2. Dr Adnan Arif 26th Jul
3. Dr Aizaz Khan 26th Jul
4. Dr Amna Syed Jafri 26th Jul
5. Dr Asfandyar Khan Niazi 26th Jul
6. Dr Faseeha Zafar 26th Jul
7. Dr Hira Rana 26th Jul
8. Ms Humaira Majeed 26th Jul
9. Dr Izza Nazir 26th Jul
10. Mr Joel Fakhar 26th Jul
11. Dr Memoona Omer 26th Jul
12. Mr Muhammad Aslam 26th Jul
13. Dr Muhammad Umair Janjua 26th Jul
14. Dr Muhammad Usman Sharif 26th Jul
15. Mr Naim Zafar 26th Jul
16. Dr Nayaab Zafar 26th Jul
17. Dr Ra’ana Kanwal 26th Jul
18. Mr Rafiullah 26th Jul
19. Dr Waleed Bin Waris 26th Jul
20. Mr Yasir Khan 26th Jul
21. Dr Zara Ahmed 26th Jul
Sr. Candidate Name Passing Date
1. Dr Amina Faisal 9th Aug
2. Dr Ayesha Shad 9th Aug
3. Dr Basim Ahmed Khan 9th Aug
4. Mr Bilal Ahmed 9th Aug
5. Dr Bilal Syed 9th Aug
6. Dr Farwa Javed 9th Aug
7. Dr Haran Innocent Bhatti 9th Aug
8. Dr Hina Ebir 9th Aug
9. Ms Imrana Bibi 9th Aug
10. Mr Irfan Ullah 9th Aug
11. Mr Masood Akhtar 9th Aug
12. Dr Muhammad Subhan Javed 9th Aug
13. Dr Sara Saghir Kiani 9th Aug
14. Ms Sehrish Bibi 9th Aug
15. Mr Shaukat Ali 9th Aug
16. Dr Shoaib Mahboob 9th Aug
17. Dr Sibgha Aimon 9th Aug
18. Dr Syed Wasi Ahsan Ahmad 9th Aug
19. Ms Warda Gul 9th Aug
20. Ms Nidya Arshad 9th Aug
Sr. Candidate Name Passing Date
1. Dr Anaza Nisar 23rd Aug
2. RN Aneeta Yaseen 23rd Aug
3. Dr Asim Tameez Ud Din 23rd Aug
4. Dr Ayesha Tariq 23rd Aug
5. Dr Eisha Tir Radiya 23rd Aug
6. Dr Fatima Mohsin 23rd Aug
7. RN Gul Rukh Khail 23rd Aug
8. Dr Hamza Hussain Bangash 23rd Aug
9. RN Mansoor Ahmad 23rd Aug
10. RN Marwan Khan 23rd Aug
11. RN Maryam Saddiqa 23rd Aug
12. Dr Muhammad Hasan Wasim 23rd Aug
13. RN Nadeem Saleem 23rd Aug
14. RN Nancy Naveed 23rd Aug
15. Dr Sahl Ali Hashmi 23rd Aug
16. Dr Sana Hanif 23rd Aug
17. Dr Sana Riaz 23rd Aug
18. RN Sana Tayyaba 23rd Aug
19. RN Sania Amir 23rd Aug
20. Dr Shahryar Shaukat 23rd Aug
21. RN Shahzadi Ikhlas 23rd Aug
22. RN Sikandar 23rd Aug
23. Dr Tehiba Raja 23rd Aug
24. Dr Tooba Afzal 23rd Aug
25. Dr Zahra Batool Manzoor 23rd Aug